The roles of age, ideology, interest, and linked fate

Crowd of people, predominantly White, participating in a Black Lives Matter Protest
Photo by Life Matters from Pexels

Most independents are about as “moderate” as the partisans they profess not to be.

Hand dropping a ballot into a ballotbox

They’re doing so more often and with far more consistency than any other major national TV news network.

The game is work, yes. But it’s work with meaning.

These youth probably didn’t turn out on Super Tuesday. But for youths old enough to vote, that wasn’t necessarily the case. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

How proximity to a racetrack affected the vote to ban dog racing in Florida

A greyhound in flight. (Wikipedia: AngMoKio)

President Trump Announces His Reelection Bid (Source: Getty/USA Today)

What an analysis of 40 thousand tweets reveals about how we approach our 2019 goals.

The Grand Old Party isn’t going away anytime soon.

Perhaps a tad premature.

Senator John McCain (Source: Flickr)

Peter Licari, PhD

I’m a data scientist and social scientist specializing in political behavior. I’m also a runner, writer, gamer, YouTuber, and dinosaur enthusiast.

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