• Pamela Lynch

    Pamela Lynch

  • Abhijith Chandradas

    Abhijith Chandradas

    Data Analyst | Hacker | Financial Analyst | Freelancer | IIM MBA | Opensource | Democratize Knowledge | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLpBd4gzfIBXm2BPpdHOWdQ

  • Ashley Summers Flynn

    Ashley Summers Flynn

  • David Farrugia

    David Farrugia

    Data Scientist at Gaming Innovation Group | AI Enthusiast and Researcher.

  • Avery Dobbins

    Avery Dobbins

  • Jake Mitchell

    Jake Mitchell

    Mechanical Engineering Major Interested in Data Science

  • Sinwei Lee

    Sinwei Lee

  • Oren Cohen

    Oren Cohen

    Software Engineer and Blogger. He/Him. Reach out: inquiries@thegeekwriter.com Join my challenge and build a writing habit: https://mediumwritingchallenge.com

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